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Bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Nation and supporting churches with a vision for rural areas

There have been so many testimonies of miracles seen in Kenya over the many years of visitation there since 1989.

Mention could be made of praying for 47 people in a crusade in Nakuru back in the 1990s and 47 people being healed, including one lady delivered from asthma, who stood on the platform and shared the news with everyone. Also from the latest visit in October 2017, when a pastor’s wide was healed about 12 km from where he husband was prayed for as he stood for his wife’s healing.

In December 2017 received further news of  miracles from the visit in October.

In a church in Kakamega district , a man who has a stroke 2 years ago was prayed for and within a week was walking normally without the aid of a stick,. Another lady totally healed from asthma and Phinethe grandson of Bishop Okumu who had sickle cell disease is now’ ‘doing well’ after prayer. He is no longer a sickly child. Praise the Lord

Links to the revival UK website like this one will give more information

A book with modern miracles is also available on the revivalUk website many of which were seen in and around the Bungoma area and working with Rev Patrick and the churches there.

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Julius with Mike on foothills of Mount Elgon. He was saved the day before but had big swollen feet and was unable to wear shoes . He was healed and the next day turned up in neat small shoes, his feet had shrunk in size overnight

Penina was HIV positive and healed when prayed for in Bondo district. She went for 5 different tests with 5 different hospitals or doctors to prove she was healed before she believed it. She has since had a baby daughter who of course is HIV negative

Another Penina who was in constant pain following and operation. Instantly healed when prayer for and went on the have the 2 children you can see

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