Text Box: ‘Bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Nation

Bringing the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the Nation and supporting churches with a vision for rural areas

Open Bible Churches used to be called the Missionary Fellowship of Kenya but had to rename in 2016. It was founded by Rev Patrick Okumu in the 1970’s and has churches in many parts of Kenya and has connections in Uganda with Open Bible Churches of Uganda and also Healing Driven Ministries based in Jinja. Patrick is the current director. Patrick is a graduate from the Assemblies of God Bible School in Nairobi.

The ministry has always preached the true gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ, the need for full salvation through faith in work of the cross of Jesus Christ, where ‘God was in Christ Jesus reconciling the world unto Himself’.  Open Bible ministries preach that Christians should know the power of the Holy Spirit working in their lives, that being filled with the spirit of God, the Christian will live a life to the glory of God and be a testimony of Jesus Christ.

The ministry believes in divine healing and deliverance through the Name of the Lord Jesus.

Patrick’s elder brother Gerard Chuma was the secretary for many years but has now gone to be with the Lord Jesus. Gerard was delivered from a firing squad in his earlier days in Uganda and spent the rest of his life  preaching the gospel. He spent many hours ‘footing’ as he called it around Mount Elgon winning souls for Christ and setting up churches is those areas.

Patrick’s son in law Charles Omina is the current secretary.


Open Bible Churches

These are some of the churches and people visited by in 2017 and it gives an idea of the areas in which Open Bible works and the people involved. The vision, which is shared by revivalUk and was spoken to us in a prophecy many years ago, was not to forget the rural areas and so together we continue to visit such places for the gospel of our Lord Jesus and the building of His church ready for His coming again.